FSI provides professional services to augment the HELIOS software capabilities.  Our industry experts have the requisite experience in managing regulatory compliance and industry conformance standards as they affect documented business processes.  FSI uses this experience combined with System Safety principles to design accurate Data Collection Tools (DCT) and unique industry checklists for the HELIOS audit engine.  Relating DCT or audit questions with specific regulations gives HELIOS the unique capability of maintaining a regulatory compliance database to produce the real-time LOC.   Since HELIOS is a critical tool in day-to-day business operations, demonstrating compliance to regulators is swift and accurate. FSI professionals and the HELIOS software is THE document compliance and conformance solution.

  • Consulting expertise in the development of aviation safety and operational control software and interfaces.
  • Consulting services for FAA, DOT, ICAO, IOSA, and DoD regulatory compliance and standards conformance.