UAS Safety and Operational Control

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Safety and Operational Control

FSI has significant demonstrated experience in domestic and global IFR operations as aircraft operators and managers of command and control (C2) platforms.  We have designed policies and procedures for complex operations control centers and have managed the use of technology to support control of onboard and ground flight systems.  FSI has been on the front of aircraft operations certifications with the FAA and the design and implementation of Safety Management (SMS) related to UAS operations.  Our specific experience includes:

  • Datalink communications software configuration
  • Use of voice and datalink communicating with air traffic services
  • IFR flight planning and systems configuration
  • Weather and NOTAM information control
  • Airworthiness configuration control
  • Weight and balance and flight performance planning for obstacle clearance
  • Subject Matter Expert authoring of technical instructions and information
    • Design of Standard Operating Procedures and Minimum Equipment Lists
    • Design of operating manuals and training manuals and operating checklists
    • Design and implementation of FAA SMS into UAS operations
    • Record keeping and document management
    • FAA commercial air carrier certifications