FSI provides unique software that relieves any business large or small from the painful challenges of demonstrating ongoing regulatory compliance and conformance to industry standards in operating manuals.  HELIOS is proprietary web-based software designed to provide real-time visibility to the accuracy and consistency of documented business policies and procedures within a company’s operating manuals library.  Since document compliance and conformance is a critical component to quality and risk management, HELIOS is a partner in any company’s safety management program.

HELIOS has the unique capability and agility to monitor, track and manage the results of a dynamic regulatory environment.  As regulations and standards change, HELIOS provides the acuity to quickly and reliably adapt company documents.  For example, as policies and procedures are documented to meet new regulations or standards, HELIOS monitors and provides alerts on the impact of change in the document revision cycle.

HELIOS is a critical tool for any document management system (DMS), with transferable capabilities that are adaptable to any industry.  Implementing HELIOS is incredibly simple.  With guaranteed encrypted security and redundancy features, HELIOS can be deployed across any enterprise quickly and effectively.  Additionally, the intuitive design of HELIOS user interfaces and navigation takes the pain out of the learning process.  By design, HELIOS becomes a critical business partner, removing the risk of surprise and doubt to the state of documented business processes.